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I just got finished reading Still Life by Christa Parrish. I suppose this is the part where I write a synopsis of the book. But anyone can do that. In fact, here is a well written one from the publisher.
Ada escaped her family’s self-enclosed world to elope with a mysterious stranger. Five months later, she’s a widow in a strange new world. 
Ada was born into a fringe religious sect named for her father, The Prophet. But her lifelong habit of absolute obedience was shattered when she fled the family compound to elope with photographer Julian Goetz.
Katherine Walker’s marriage was a sham. She and Will rarely spoke without yelling—and never touched. Her affair brings her both escape and guilt. 
When a tragic plane crash takes Julian from Ada and exacerbates Katherine’s sense of shame, both women become desperately unsure of where they belong in the world—until the devotion of an artistic young boy conspires to bring them together. 
From award-winning novelist Christa Parrish, Still Life is a cunningly complex work that captures themes of abusive religion, supernatural love, and merciful escape. It will resonate with anyone who has ever felt called to a drastic change—or tried to hear the small whisper of God’s voice.
I picked the book based on the title and cover art. I firmly believe you can judge a book by the cover. The cover to Still Life, however, is deceiving; there aren't any twin lens reflexes featured in the book! Camera nerd comments aside, I did enjoy this book.

Well, not at first. At first, I read a chapter or two and put it down. But since I was given this book (compliments of BookLook Bloggers) in exchange for a review (not necessarily a positive one. I'm allowed my own opinions), I knew I had to finish it. So, I plowed on. I found myself drawn in by all the characters. The chapters go back and forth from the perspective of Ada, Katherine, Julian, and Evan (Katherine's son) and I love the way their lives intertwined.

Even thought it took me a few chapters to get into the book, I was a little sad when it was over. I'd grown fond of the characters and want to know what happened next with their lives! I'm thinking of looking for more books by this author. I enjoyed her style of writing and would love to read more of her books.

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