Birthday Resolutions

The New Year always brings changes. And with it, a desire for a fresh start. I've felt that really strongly this year. Especially, I think, because I just turned 30 a couple weeks ago.

My resolutions, they're more like birthday resolutions. Because it was shortly after I turned 30 that I started to put them into practice.

If I had to list out my resolutions nicely, I'd say that they were: to be more grateful and to be more thoughtful.

But, in my head, I have a long list:
  • be a better housekeeper
  • wake up earlier
  • go to bed earlier
  • read through the bible
  • spend my time wisely
  • spend money wisely too
  • be a more supportive and respectful wife
  • find my emotional validity
  • be a more balanced mommy
  • spend less time on my phone
  • remember to have (yummy) dinners ready for the family to eat together
  • connect with my friends
  • blog more
  • not feel guilty when I don't blog on special days
  • document our lives
  • run a 5K (or several 5Ks)
  • etc etc etc

Well, so, that's all a little overwhelming.

I've started utilizing the Peaceful Mom's weekly planning method. Every Sunday night, in my journal, I write out some goals for five categories: personal, people, passion, purpose, and projects. You can read more on her blog, but it really helps me think about my week in the bigger picture. I think that will be much more helpful, in the long run, that year-long resolutions.

I've also decided to try (again) keeping a planner. For a technology addict, I sure love putting pen to paper. I got one from the Sugar Paper for Target line of super cute agendas. I started using it on the 29th of December (the first day in the planner) and I'm a fan so far. I'm hoping this will help me with quite a few items on my list.

I made up this graphic on New Year's Day. It's good quote to remember. Do you sometimes feel like giving up on your goals (say, one like, be a better housekeeper) because you've made too many mistakes? I do! And hopefully, I'll put this quote in a place where it can remind me that tomorrow is a new day. 


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