So, I'm doing this breakout session on Clickin Moms called "The Art of Authenticity." It's about capturing "authentic, honest moments." This resonated with me because I'm trying to get better about documenting our life and I want these photos to be REAL.

Tie that in with the fact that I want more photos of me with Joseph (more than just iPhone selfies!) and I have found myself inspired to take self portraits. 

So, one morning were listening to Christmas music and a song came on--I don't remember which one--but I just had to dance around. Joseph actually likes it when we dance around. He snuggles and makes happy noises. It was mid-song when I thought, "Hey! This is the kind of photo I would love to have of me and my mom! I'm making this happen!" I grabbed my camera, put it on the bar and angled it using the lens cap. Set the timer and, there you have it. :)

After this, it was nearing nap time and we always always read books before bed. Another self portrait opportunity. 

These photos are not perfect. They're not posed or lit particularly well, but they are memories. And I'm so glad I have these two photos.


Stargirl Heuser said…
Oh god. This is so sweet it gave me the diabeetus.
Stephanie Whitener said…
These photos are perfect!