Monday, November 10, 2014

I do this everyday | #fmsphotoaday

Okay, so I skipped Sunday. The prompt was "Heck yes!" and I really couldn't think of anything. Okay, I just lied. I thought of something. It was a self portrait of me jumping with my fist in the air. Heck yes! But I ended up not doing it. In large part due to the fact that I didn't feel like it.

Today's prompt was "I do this everyday." And I do laundry almost everyday. I better photo would have been me changing diapers or checking facebook on my phone. But the one won out. I do laundry on the floor of Joseph's room a lot so he can play while I fold. And we're kind of hanging out together but he's still playing independently.

And, oops, I cut off the diaper I'm folding and my fingers. I had the camera propped on a little table because when I set up the tripod, Joseph wanted to play with it. So, I didn't realize this until later. But, hey! I still took a photo with my big camera and not just my iPhone. Progress, people.

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