#fmsphotoaday | letters

Letters. I had this word in my mind most of the day. Letters, letters. What photo could I take that says: letters. And then, I grabbed a pair of socks from the drawer and as I was putting them on his feet, I spied them: letters!

I loved the concept but not so much the execution. Partially because this is the first of my recent daily photo series to NOT be taken in natural light. This was taken in the yucky tungsten light of the dining room. But its a pretty sweet photo nonetheless. :)


Today, Joseph had his third swim lesson (did I mention my baby is doing swim lessons? Very superfluous. Still fun.) and he finally floated on his back. When I took him to the pool as a four month old, he didn't mind floating around. Now it scares him and he clings to me for most of the lesson. But today he floated for a few minutes. So, success.

This evening, right as I sat down to my computer, my phone started ringing. It was a FaceTime call from my G kiddos! I guess they have a babysitter tomorrow night and the conversation came around to how no babysitter is going to replace Tee (that's me). And Alex was crying. And then I started to tear up and everyone was crying. I love those kids so much. It really touches me that it was Alex who was so upset because he's a middle schooler these days. Too big for hugs and kisses, you know? Augh. I love them. I miss them all the time! Sometimes, I wonder if they don't miss me because they have a new babysitter. But you can't really forget nine years of being together all the time.


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