Thursday, November 20, 2014

Daily photo | waving hello

I really love getting photos of these two guys together. And I love that I caught Joseph waving his little pincer fingers on one hand and pointing with the other. He does that a lot. 

Today, Joseph had another swim class. He's getting better, but he's certainly not 100% comfortable in the water. He only cries at the end of the class now, when he really need to get home for his morning nap because boy is SPENT.

I made loaded nachos for dinner last night and Doritos casserole for dinner tonight. Next week, I'm going to try to cook something healthy to make up for all this junk! But, man, the Pioneer Woman loaded nachos? I highly recommend. So so good.

Speaking of food, Joseph is eating like a big boy these days. He eats more table food than purees. I've been trying to go this direction, but he just wasn't having it. But these past couple of days, he's eating almost anything I cut into little pieces and put on his tray. His current favorites seem to be olives and pineapple. Today at lunch, he ate a whole banana, one teeny piece at a time!

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