A Place | #fmsphotoaday

Today's prompt: a place. All day long I was wracking my brain and not coming up with any good ideas for this photo! Joseph and I both have colds. Mine feels much more minor than his, but that's probably because I'm not shooting snot rockets down my face every time I sneeze. 

Motherhood is so glamorous, y'all. 

After he woke up from nap #2, I decided some fresh air would do us both some good. We went to a little park downtown and, just like I had anticipated, it was almost entirely empty. Joseph isn't at the age where he wants/needs other kids to run around with (the whole running thing isn't a life skill he currently has) so I like this small empty park. We had our choice of swings and there weren't other people watching me as I slid down the slide. 

Anyway, that's our place for the photo.

And you know what? The fresh air really did us both some good. 


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