Write it down

After reading over some old blog posts yesterday, I realized how much I miss writing! I also remembered how valuable it is. How fun it was to remember this moment of wittiness, this prayer with a once-preschooler, or quiet mornings with this once-baby!

Photos are great. Photos are wonderful. And goodness knows I have enough photos! But somewhere along the line I stopped recording the little, the very special, day to day bits. 

I sit at my computer with the curser blinking and I have nothing. I desperately want to record, but I find myself lacking the words.

So, when I saw my old journal/dairy/book-for-ranting next to my bed last night, I grabbed it. I just started writing until, five pages later, I ran out of ramblings.

It felt so good to write!

This morning, I reread the older entries in that book, the ones written half a decade ago. They made me cringe. So much negativity! I don't want that and I wouldn't want to be remembered that way. I chucked it into the bin.

It took me ages of staring and comparing in the notebook aisle of Target, but I purchased a new journal today. A fresh one with a pretty design. (Isn't buying new journals so much fun?) I'm hoping to write in it regularly. To record little moments. Because my mundane life is full of wonderful memories I don't want to forget!

(And one of my goals is that my ramblings would be nice enough to make public eventually. After all, I've been a blogger for a decade!)


Stephanie Whitener said…
I love buying new journals! That one is super cute.
Miscellaneous From Missy said…
Oooh! That IS a pretty journal. I just bought a new one a few weeks ago, and it took me ages to pick out just the right one. :-)