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Tracie is another friend met via Cara Box. (Seriously, I miss that exchange!) If you love GIFs and funny photos, you will certainly love Tracie's blog, it's very fun and lighthearted. Also, she recently got married (congrats!) and she was a stunner in that dress, so go check those photos out as well. ;)

Fun fact about Tracie, she was the only person (other than Mike and I) to know any detail about Joseph's name before he was born. Because she made him the cutest blanket with a J on it!

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Hey guys! I’m excited to be over here while Tiffany is away. I’m Tracie from Tracie Everyday and I can’t wait to hear about Tiffany’s trip, where baby J gets to meet his [great] grandma for the first time!

When Tiffany told me she wanted a little snippet focusing on grandparents I knew exactly which tidbit I wanted to share. But in order to do that, I have to let you guys in on a little secret… I was a bed wetter. Legit until I was like 6. I was fine during the day, but sleeping? Nope.

You want to know how this little secret relates to my granny? Well, I have to tell you, I have the best grandma in the world. I remember when I was little I would sleep over at her house and she never made me feel bad, ever. I would fall asleep in her guest bedroom, have an accident, and she would wake up with a little wet ragamuffin in bed with her. Did she ever complain? Nope. Do you know what she did? She figured it out. She started putting trash bags under the sheet, not only in the guest bedroom, but also her own bed so that I could still run in and sleep with her. Best grandma ever.

The other awesome thing I remember? She had a Mickey Mouse phone. How cool is that?!

Come visit me to read more embarrassing stories like this, find out what I’m currently loving right now, and anything else that is going on in my everyday life. But before you do that, what are some of your favorite memories of your grandparents?


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