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Grand Memories | Stephanie of Finding My Yellow

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, Stephanie and I met via the Cara Box Exchange. It was so much fun to get to know her and connect with her. Aaaaand, she went to Clemson (which is just about 30 miles down the road from me). Y'all, sweet Stephanie is having a little baby soon. So right after you read this, head over to her blog to see all the cute photos of her belly and baby clothes and all the fun stuff that comes with being a mom-to-be. :)

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Hello! My name is Stephanie, and I blog over at Finding My Yellow. I blog about being an Army wife, a soon-to-be mom, my two boxers, and the crafts that distract me from all that life brings. I hope to see you over there sometime!

I hope that Tiffany is enjoying her trip! Thanks for letting me take over for the day.

I don't know about yours, but my grandparents always provide me a good chuckle.

Here are just a few of examples of things they have said over the years.

When my grandma first suffered her stroke, my grandpa was looking for anything and everything to provide her comfort and bring her back to him. They were a real live version of the "Notebook." I was showing him pictures of my dog Grace, and he starts asking me what shelter I got her from. Note, he lived in South Carolina and I lived in Iowa, which is where I got Grace. He then decided that having a dog was the only thing that would bring my grandma back from her coma and that the shelter in Iowa was the only place that could help, never mind both of them were in hospice care. He talked about that miracle dog for days.

I'm sure he is thinking here that a dog is the perfect medicine!
When my husband was getting ready to deploy, my grandma kept asking when he was getting deported. She never did get it straight and always was concerned about his deporting date.

The same Grandma calls me at least once a week now to check in on my pregnancy but also to see if I am now having twins. She had twins her first pregnancy, and was surprised by this when she gave birth. It was the 40s so their technology never found that there were two girls in her belly until she was delivering. So she is convinced that this is what is happening to me now. She says that having twins is so fun and she wants me to experience that greatness.


And that just tips the iceberg of things I have heard over the years. I just love them to pieces.

Have your grandparents said silly things?

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