Joseph is six months old!

Correction, Joseph was six months old at the end of June. So at the time of this posting, he is six and a half months old. Whaa? These photos were taken on June 30th, it's just taken me forever to get around to posting them.

These photos were much more difficult to take because someone did NOT want to sit for photos. And that is why you'll find some of toys in this session. Our backdrop for these photos? A white fabric shower curtain clipped to his crib!

And yes! My little buggy is a big sitter upper.

Joseph also really loves sucking on his lower lip. It's so cute and Mike and I always ask him, "How's that bottom lip tasting?" Haha.

You know what's more fun than taking photos? Playing peek-a-boo!

Super cute bib, right? We got it from our local Saturday market, but they're also available on Etsy. (Not an ad, I just like to support local.)


Stephanie Whitener said…
He is just precious! Such a ham for the camera! And I love using shower curtains as backdrops.

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