Eating sweet potatoes!

Jojo has now become an solid food eater! He's had just a couple of purees, but I'm focusing on doing baby led weaning. Which is just to say, I'm letting him feed himself. I decide what he eats, where he eats, and when he eats, and he is welcome to decide how much. We're operating on the "food before one is just for fun" premise, because this little guy loves milk and I'm hoping to breastfeed at least until his birthday. 

For his first actual solids (as opposed to purees), I cut up and steamed a sweet potatoes we got from our local famers' market. I actually steamed it so much that it turned into mashed sweet potatoes the minute he got them! That was okay. Messy, but okay. :)

And really, in retrospect, I maybe should not have dressed him in long sleeves that morning. Luckily, the shirt washed clean with no problem.

As you can see in the photos, Joseph had fun eating--and playing--with his sweet potatoes! A few days later we tried a ripe banana and I don't think he was much of a fan. He love love loved watermelon (cried when it was gone!) and he kind of liked his lunch of steamed baby carrots today. He still thinks the textures are kind of strange and he doesn't have the best hand-eye coordination when he's eating. But what better way to learn? I'm looking forward to feeding him all sorts of delicious foods as he gets older.

If you're looking to learn more about baby led weaning, check out the baby led weaning website and the blwideas instagram.



Adorable! My favorite is the one with his face in the tray :-)
Kennedy said…
How come you never respond to my facebook message inbox on Tiffany anna photograph page??
Tiffany Anne said…
Haha, isn't that cute? I guess he was tired of bringing the food to his mouth and that seemed much easier! ;)
Stephanie said…
I love that you gave the tray to the dog. We will so be those people too. He is just adorable!

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