Monday, May 5, 2014

Jojo's First Easter and the search for the Easter Choclates

This post is so picture heavy, ya'll. It's not really my fault. I'm a new mom and it is really hard to cull photos of my baby. But, don't worry, all these photos are super cute. :)

Mary came down on Saturday and we went to O-CHA Tea Bar. (Jojo was tagged as O-CHA's beauTEAful customer of the day!) What was special about this visit is that the Easter Bunny was there for pictures! It was fun to get Joseph's first character photo.

Isn't my little man the cutest? I really adore his little Easter romper. And the silly faces he makes while getting his photo taken.

Scary Auntie Mary loves her some Jojo snuggles! She might not like babies, but she sure likes this one! And Joseph loves the adorable "wild about auntie" onsie she got him.

Look at us taking a family photo on Easter Sunday. I love love loved my new outfit. Mostly because the top hides all kinds of undesirable postpartum lumps and the pixie pants have awesome stretch action. Joseph wore a different outfit on Easter Sunday because it was supposed to be cold. It ended up being a lot warmer than was predicted, but its okay. He looked so handsome in his little outfit! 

I love photos of Mike and Joseph. Those two, man, they are super into each other! Mike loves hanging out with our little boy and it is enough to make this mama's heart burst!

I may or may not have coordinated our outfits on purpose. Whatevs. Also, Joseph doesn't always show it for the camera, but he's got a lot of smiles to share. 

Rockin' uncle Leo's hat! It's a little big, but he wears it with confidence. ;)

And then after I got inside, I put my camera down and forgot to pick it up again. But my parents were totally also there for Easter. (Seeing as we were at their house and all...)

To end this post, let me tell you about Easter candy. I have always loved getting an Easter basket and my dad has always loved hiding them for us kids. Behind fake walls, in air vents, etc etc. He's good. He has a video of me, in my pajamas, scouring our house for my Easter basket. I was nineteen. :) 

Last year (I think), I made an Easter basket for my Dad and hid it inside of an empty brewing bucket in the laundry room. Basically, a really good hiding spot. It took him ages to find it, with complaining, whining and hints! LOL. 

So, this year, dad gets us kids each a small box of chocolate for Easter. But, of course, he hides them. I may have gotten a crazed look in my eyes as soon as he mentioned that he had hid something. Ten seconds into the "search," Mary finds a box of chocolate. Then Leo finds one! They were in ridiculous easy hiding spots so I figured the third box would be as well. I looked high and low. I asked for hints and I was so confused. There were only so many hiding places within the boundaries I was given. Eventually, I got on my hands and knees to look even lower. There was a box of chocolate duct taped to the underside of the kitchen table!!! So funny! Oh, and the tape had my name on it. :)

As it turns out, my Dad told Mary and Leo where the other boxes were! That's why, a few seconds into the search, they were both like, "Oh, here's mine!" Haha. This just means Mike and I will have to host Easter next year and I'll have to one-up my Daddy. :)

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Pixel #notsignedin #dealwithit said...

Dude I really like these pix of me an Jojo. I'm all "get this stupid romper off" and then he's all "WTH is this woman doing to me... I am not okay with this." And then I'm all "NOPE! Forced cuddles!" And then he stares forlornly out the window, wishing he could just fall asleep in the ergo.


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