Saturday, May 24, 2014

Brunch with Uncle Leo

The other day, Joseph and I spent the morning hanging out with my brother Leo. We decided to go downtown for brunch and ended up at Tupelo Honey Cafe. 

Nothing like day drinking with your big bro. Mimosa for me and Bloody Mary for Leo. These were delicious, by the way.

Joseph fell asleep in the Ergo while we were walking around trying to pick a place. When we were seated at Tupelo, I unclipped him and placed him in the bench. He continued to nap and, once he woke up, he was content to just look around and be cute while we ate. I'm so blessed to have such a happy little boy!

Tupelo's delicious biscuits and blueberry preserves. These are SO good!

Being silly with Uncle Leo :)

Babywearing mama! This is the best way to hang out with your baby. Joseph rarely rides in a stroller!


Sydney said...

It looks like you had a super fun day, and brunch makes it even better!

xoxo, Sydney

Natalia said...

Love stumbling upon a fellow Greenville blogger! Tupelo Honey is one of my favorites -- YUM!


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