Guest Post: Morgan’s Top Tips for Saving to Splurge

 Everyone loves to splurge once in a while, especially on an item you’ve been waiting for or really “can’t live without”. But as a young woman living in a big city, saving instead of spending money is much more often on my mind. This spring, I decided that I would pick one splurge-worthy item, and save money wherever I could in order to make this purchase. I’ve had the same purse for years, and now that I’m getting older and hoping to come across as a bit more professional, I think it’s time for a grown-up bag, from a real designer instead of a semi-pricey knock-off that may only last a season. Here are my top five tips on how I will save money this season in order to splurge on my long awaited, and much-needed, “adult” purse. 

1. Canine Cash 
I’ve always been a dog-lover, but as a busy student, I don't have the time to devote to a full-time pet. In order to get my puppy fix, I decided to start dog walking and pet sitting for my friends and even professors in the area on the weekends. I love getting to spend time with these precious pups, and it’s a great way to make some extra cash. I’ve put aside all of the money I’ve made doing this so far in a separate account, and it’ll definitely help when it comes time to splurge. 

2. Second Hand Isn’t Second Rate 
As a self-proclaimed fashionista, I love to find the latest and greatest trends at the best prices. I love to shop, but I want to save money while doing so, and the best compromise for me is with second hand shops. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the hidden gems you’ll find in these stores, and you can’t beat the prices. It’s a great way to purchase the items you both need, without breaking the bank. Plus, you’ll likely have money left over, which can go straight into your splurge fund. 

3. Films for Free
I am a huge film lover, and I always want to see new movies when they come out. Movies can be expensive, especially with new releases every weekend, but there are definitely ways to watch film without having to spend a dime. It might take some digging, but you’ll find that every city has at least a few free film screenings throughout the month. They may not be something you’d think to see, or have even heard of, but a free film is a great way to spend a night out. Plus, you might even end up finding a new favorite! If you want to stay in to enjoy a flick, it’s fairly easy to find a free Redbox dvd code online or stop by your library’s new releases section! 

4. Lunch Limits 
It’s always easier to eat lunch out at a restaurant, but this can definitely get expensive. To strike a compromise with myself, I’ve decided to limit the amount of lunches I eat out each week. Right now, I am limiting myself to 2 lunches out- one on Monday and Friday to indulge at the start and end of the week. It’s a great way to set boundaries for yourself, and you’ll end up saving more money than you even thought you would. Plus, it’ll get you cooking more, and exploring more options from your very own kitchen. 

5. Clipping Coupons 
Clipping coupons is an easy way to save money, especially when it comes to the essentials. Buying items like kitchen cleaner and laundry detergent is unavoidable, but with coupons you’ll save much more than you would otherwise. And for what to do with the extra cash you’ll be saving? Put it towards your splurge-worthy item, of course! If you don’t have the time or patience to cut coupons, shopping app’s such as Shopular upload the coupons to your phone. These apps have barcodes or codes to show the cashier, so not only is it easy to keep your coupons in one place, it also means less paper waste! 

Morgan is a fashion-lover, part-time blogger, philanthropist, and wanna-be extreme couponer. She loves to share great fashion finds and the occasional entertaining ramble on her blog at !


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