Miracle Hill #ThriftFashion

It all started off with an email from this lovely lady:
Her name is Jenn and she handles the web presence and event coordinating of Miracle Hill Thrift Stores. Also, she's super sweet. :) Anyway, I got an email from her about a month ago. She'd stumbled across my blog and wanted to know if I'd be interested in being in their Spring commercial. Um, yes!

I met up with her a few weeks later at one of the local Miracle Hill Thrift Stores and we started combing the racks. It's a thrift store, you've gotta dig to find good stuff. We managed to find lots of great pieces from great brands.

Forgive my face in the first photo! These are a few of the pieces we found. I had a lot to try on! These were all actually rejects for the shoot, but I ended up purchasing the Forever 21 top (left) and Mossimo skirt (right). That was such a fun day. My mom came over to babysit and I got out of the house! All by myself! Shopping followed by lunch with Jenn and home again to get my baby cuddles. :)

Mike and baby Joseph had some guy time (building stuff and watching sports) while I got dolled up and went downtown. I got to meet the rest of the "models" who were all really nice. We had a lot of fun hanging out Other Vision Studios shot video. I'm actually checking my phone in the above picture because I'm not in this shot, haha. ;)

Being a part of this commercial reminded that thrift stores are great places to find clothes. And they have baby clothes! I'll definitely be digging through those racks a little more. :)

Jason, Chasity, Lynise, me, Jenn, and Tavarus. All of our outfits are from Miracle Hill! (Except maybe Jenn's since she wasn't in the commercial but rather the brains behind it.)

Banana Republic blouse, GAP jeans, Jellypop sandals. No name: earrings, bracelet, purse, belt. The whole outfit found at a Miracle Hill Thrift Store!

And now, after all that talking...the final product:


Stephanie Whitener said…
That is so much fun! And you looked great in the commercial!
Megan said…
This looks like so much fun and I have to say, I LOVE your outfit!
Tiffany Anne said…
Thanks! Not bad for a thrift store, right? :)

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