Monday, March 31, 2014

Joseph is three months old!

Our sweet little New Year's Even baby is three months old today! I know it's so cliche, but time has really flown. (Some of those days seemed like they might never end though...haha.)

I hadn't really taken my camera out much these past three months, so I decided that a three-month photo shoot was a great time to start. The morning of the shoot, he took an amazingly long nap. I knew he'd wake up happy and it would be the perfect time for photos. Joseph had a great time and gave me a lot of smiles and coos during our shoot.

For our first look, I used a quilt that my Aunt Mary Anne made and gave Mike and I as a wedding gift. I really love it! Joseph has been liking tummy time these days and he makes the silliest faces!

Maybe you've noticed this crazy boy's hair? I've stopped brushing it after his baths and it dries sticking up every which way. I like his bed head!

This might be my favorite shot of the bunch. He's such a sweetie!

Here, Joseph is cozied up with Suzy the dog and Beary the bear. Suzy is my childhood toy and Beary is Mike's. I think it's kind of sweet that these two sit together on Joseph's shelf.

Again with the silly faces! And another quilt. :) This is another one of my Aunt Mary Anne's creations. Joseph loves to have tummy time on the quilt and stare at all the bright colors. 

Recently, Joseph has been a really big fan of putting his hands together and trying to shove them both in his mouth. He also has become quite drooly and even blows bubbles sometimes. Mike calls him Bubbles sometimes.

He can only sit up for so long. And that's okay, we don't need him to grow up so fast. :)

I got the cheapest mobile. It was $5 from IKEA and it's perfect! It looks way more interesting from the baby's perspective than from my perspective...which is the whole point of mobiles.

We are just in love with this little guy! These past three months have been the hardest and the best in my life. Joseph is such a joy and he's even getting better at this whole sleeping thing! Yay!

Some three-month updates: Joseph is weighing in around 15 lbs and measuring 25 inches. He's just moved into size 6 month clothes. He's slept for a 12-hour stretch twice! Not in a row, but now we know he can do it! He's trying really hard to roll over. When he is propped up on a tummy time pillow, he can do it if he puts his mind to it! But without the pillow, his arms get in the way. He'll figure it out eventually. :) I'm making sure Joseph get some independent playtime each day. He's often happy to sit there and look at the ceiling or his baby gym.

I'm looking forward to all the exciting things the rest of this year has to bring, but I'm reminding myself not to wish this time away. I love my special time with my sweet little Joseph. :)


Colleen said...

Such adorable photos of your sweet little guy! So glad that you two aren't rushing Joseph into "accomplishments" but instead are enjoying this short-lived baby time. I can't decide who Joseph looks like and have made the decision that he looks like both of you!~ ♥ Colleen

Stephanie Whitener said...

So cute! Love all his expressions!


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