Friday, January 31, 2014

One month old!

Happy ONE month to Joseph! My how the time has flown by!

He now weighs 10lbs 10oz and is 23 inches long. My little boy is growing like a weed! On a sweet, sweet occasion, he sleeps for a four-hour stretch at night. Mostly, he's sleeping for 2.5ish hour stretches.

When people ask me how I'm doing, my most common response is, "Well, I'm starting to feel more human again!" And the fact that I can sit down and post this is proof. (Even if I'm posting it late and post-dating it.) I'm starting to get the hang of my new normal. Everyday is the same, but at the same time every day is different. What I can use to get him to sleep one night won't work the next night. But now that he is a little older, I'm going to start encouraging a schedule.

Joseph is just the coolest little guy! We love being his parents. He loves tummy time on Daddy's chest (so much more fun than tummy time on the floor), sleeping with mommy (naps in the Moby are the best!), a nice warm bath, and, of course, eating. ;)

I can't believe my little guy has already been here for a month. :) It was such a beautiful day, so we celebrated by breaking out the jogging stroller and taking a walk in the park.

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