Family date night!

We had our first family date night! Asada, a local taco truck, just put brick & mortar roots down a few blocks from our house. So, last Saturday, we put Joseph in the stroller and took a walk.

Joseph was so good the whole time. It was such a treat! I had was sure he'd fall asleep on our way there. But nope, he wanted to look around! And then I was worried that he'd get cranky or fussy while we were eating. Nope again! 

The restaurant is super super casual, which was great for us. We just parked his stroller next to our table. He just took it all in and enjoyed looking out the window while we ate.

It's sooo nice to be able to walk to dinner from our home! Another restaurant should be going in soon, so that gives us two fabulous eateries to choose from within walking distance. :)


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