Baby K's shower!

My mom and my sweet friend Amanda threw a fabulous baby shower for me this past weekend! I was actually kind of bummed leading up to it, because so many of my friends couldn't make it. But I couldn't be that surprised because it was a Saturday in December and we all know how busy that gets! There ended up being a pretty nice turnout and I got to hang out with some really sweet ladies. (Credit to almost every photo goes to my sister. Thanks for lugging around my camera, Mary!)

Amanda wasn't kidding when she told me she makes fantastic diaper cakes! I just love this one. :) It sitting on the baby's dresser right now. I don't want to take it apart! But I want to use that sheet, so I'll eventually have to, haha. 

So, see all those clothes pins on Mary's vest? We played that game where everyone gets a pin and someone hears you say "baby," they get to take your pin. Mary pretty much never says "baby." She might be allergic to the word. However, she's a really good listener. This skill is normally utilized for correcting grammar, but on Saturday it was used to win her a prize.

Isn't this dress killer? Officially my fave maternity piece of clothing. I'll be blogging specifically about this dress soon! Also, please notice that my twin sister and I are both wearing body-hugging gray sweaters and the same booties (just different color). We're just twins like that sometimes.

These ladies. SO grateful for them!

p.s. Not that anyone probably cares except me, but I'm doing this out of order. This was Saturday's shower. I'll be blogging about Thursdays shower as soon as I get the photos!


Stephanie Whitener said…
You are absolutely gorgeous!
Tiffany Anne said…
Aww, thanks Stephanie! :)

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