Tuesday, December 24, 2013

38 weeks!

38 weeks pregnant today! (Please ignore the fact that only one of my fingernails is painted. Oops!)
  • Despite some common 3rd trimester aches and pains, I'm still feeling mostly great.
  • My pubic bone hurts. It hurts when I try to roll over in bed. It sometimes hurts when I walk. It hurts when I get up from certain sitting positions. Annoying, but I know it's a sign that my pelvis is getting ready for baby.
  • I'm getting up sometimes two or three times a night to pee. Mostly, I can fall back asleep. It stinks when I can't though!
  • Despite baby dropping, heartburn is still an issue. I feel like I had a few days respite, but it is still bothering me.
  • I think I get more stretch marks everyday!
  • I was feeling like crap for a few days. Sore throat, coughing, runny nose, even a low fever! That was not fun. I was paranoid about going into labor when I was so tired and not feeling well. Happily, that's passed and I'm on the up and up. Still coughing a bit, but not feeling sick anymore at all. 
  • But despite these aches and pains, I can't really complain. I am so blessed to have gotten pregnant. I'm blessed to have made it this far in my pregnancy! We prayed a long time for this little guy and Mike and I are so grateful. :)
  • I'm drinking a LOT of red raspberry leaf tea and, in turn, I'm getting a lot of Braxton Hicks.
  • I've FINALLY got the hospital bag packed!
  • I had my cervix checked at both my 36w5d appointment and 37w4d appointment. I was almost 2 centimeters dilated and 50% effaced at both appointment. So, I'm going to turn down cervical checks from now on. They don't tell you a whole lot about when this show is gonna get on the road and I'm not going to try to trick myself into thinking otherwise. After all, when he's ready, he's ready.
  • Doctor also says that baby is nice and low. Thank you, yoga ball!
  • Today, a man at Walgreen's asked me how much weight I gained. I think the look on my face is what made him back pedal. The other day, a woman asked me if I was doing perineal massage. Why do people think these questions are okay??? (Fun fact: Stargirl was around for both interactions. I'm glad I had someone with whom to exchange incredulous looks.)
  • The other day, Mike had fun playing around with baby. Just pressing (lightly!) on my belly and feeling the baby kick back. He loves to feel the baby move. :)
  • Mike and I had dinner with the G family the other day. While waiting in line for ice cream, the kids took turns feeling baby's foot/knee poking out. Then, Davis said, "Okay, now let me feel your regular belly." I laughed, "I don't have any regular belly right now!"
  • Not knowing when he's going to come is frustrating. I could have a baby tomorrow! Or I might now have a baby until January 18th! I'm not eager to induce though. It's just another lesson in trusting in God's perfect timing. :)

This dress is the LAMade cherie wrap dress and I got it courtesy of Preggonista. If you like it, you can get one in the December Preggonista box! I wear my BLANQI long length bodystyler under it. Winning combination, I tell you! 

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