37 weeks--full term!

So, suddenly we are here. Full term. Somewhere between any day now and five weeks from now, our little guy will be making his appearance. Oh. Em. Gee.
  • Had my Group B Strep test last Thursday. Got the results back today and....NEGATIVE!!! YAY!
  • I had the option of letting the doctor check my cervix at my last exam. I new that whatever info I got wouldn't tell me a whole lot, but I decided to go head and get checked. So many women talk about how painful it is and, call it morbid curiosity, but I wanted to know just how painful. The answer was, at least for me, not painful at all. It was little uncomfortable, but nothing I'd describe as pain. Oh, and for those of you who are curious, I was almost 2cm dilated and 50% effaced.
  • I got out the yoga ball and I spend a lot of time bouncing and rocking on that. I don't know if that helped the baby drop or not, but it can't hurt. And I know it's better than sitting on the couch!
  • Speaking of baby dropping, I get up, like, a bazillion times each night to go pee. It's super annoying.
  • Wednesday was my last day of work. I can't believe it! When I decided to quit at 37 weeks, it seemed so far away. And suddenly, I'm done being a nanny. A decade ago, I decided to become a nanny because I knew I always wanted to be a SAHM. I'm glad I did! I learned so much taking care of my kiddos.
  • The baby's room isn't ready like I planned. Of course. My mom should be coming by sometime next week to make curtains and I've still got stuff to go through. The one big purchase I have left is the glider & ottoman. Man, I used to loooove rocking Lauren & Davis in the glider. It makes my heart all swoony thinking about rocking my own little baby in the glider.
  • Oh, and I never did pack my hospital bag. I should get on that.
  • So, doctor says that baby is measuring about 6.5 lbs right now. Can you believe that there is a human being inside of me that weighs that much? It's so crazy.


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