35 weeks

Thirty-five weeks!
  • Strangers were nice this week. Instead of saying, "You're huge!" (which I feel), they say, "Congrats!" or "You look great!" (which is much appreciated).
  • I found a few stretch marks. I say I found them, because they are on the underside of my belly. I'm actually not sure how long they have been there! And you know what? They bother me a lot less they I thought the would.
  • As it gets colder, my clothing options become more and more limited. I basically live in this sweater. Its warm and cozy. Though, I can't wait until I can wrap it all the way around. :) (It's from from Target, in case anyone is curious. I know Stargirl wanted to steal it from me.)
  • I really need to work on my portion control. Sometimes, I get hungry and I eat way too much. Then, my tiny squished up little stomach is like, "NOPE!" and acid acid acid. No fun. 
  • Looking in the mirror, when I'm not wearing any clothes is pretty weird. Its crazy how one's body changes to accommodate a growing life. 
  • Speaking of that growing life, Charlemagne is weighing in at approximately 5.25 lbs. Isn't that crazy?? Of course, that's an average according to babycenter. I wish I knew how much he really weighed!
  • Oh, and for some good laughs, Anne Marie (WHO I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE OVER THE CHRISTMAS BREAK YAY!) has a sister-in-law who has a fabulous blog of comics. It started with her first pregnancy (baby #2 is on the way!) and I went back and re-read some of those old posts. So much funnier now that I can relate! Here are my current favorites: Perspective, Turnover, Work.

Because my favorite sweater isn't exactly flattering, here's the uniform of my pregnancy: a Mossimo long & lean tank. (I swear, this isn't a Target ad.)

While at TJ Maxx with my sister, I came across this. It was definitely a must have! When Mike and I went to register at buybuy Baby the only thing he was like, "Let's definitely register for this!" was a little Batman baby hat.

I found our 2013 ornament! I didn't even know that they made "parents-to-be" ornaments. I should have known better because they make ornaments for everything. But this has, obviously, been the big event in our lives this year and I'm happy I found the perfect ornament for it.
On Saturday, Mike finally opened up the travel system! It was pretty much fully assembled already. Just needed to snap the wheels and trays onto the stroller. I'm used to the Graco Metrolite, so this feels huge in comparison. But I love it. :)

Mike hung up our nursery artwork! I'm still in love with this piece and I am sooo glad I got it! (The crib is still bare bones and is basically a holding place for a few things right now.)