Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sweaters for chickens

I have this picture in my head. It's a portrait, actually. I told Mike I'd love a family portrait...of all six of us. "Six??" Yes, I was including Peggy and Joan. I would particularly like it to be a Christmas sweater portrait because, well, why not? Finding a Christmas sweater for Mike, Charlemagne, Bella and me would be as easy as a trip to Target. (As Charlemagne will not be born until the new year, I have a lot of time to plan this portrait.)

But what about Peggy and Joan? Do they have to be left out of the Christmas sweater fun?

Apparently not.

You guys.

People make sweaters for chickens! My exceedingly good day has just gotten better. :)


Tracie Everyday said...

haha that is too cute (and funny!)

Stephanie said...

This is awesome!


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