Thursday, November 7, 2013

Our "Little Pumpkin" baby shower

When Mike and I found out we were pregnant, I promised him that we would have no jack-and-jill baby showers. I cannot imagine that most men want to attend baby showers! The shower his mom threw, however, was for both guys and gals. But it was less baby shower and more "let's hang out with family" time. Which was, by the way, wonderful. It was so great to see at catch up with everyone!

I totally regret that I didn't bring my camera. I don't think I have any photos of Mike and I together at the shower. Also, I wish I had gotten a photo of Mike (the oldest cousin) holding John (the youngest cousin at just seven precious weeks).

I did remember to grab some shots of the decor though. Mike's mom put so much work into making out shower a lovely event. Everything was just too adorable!

The food was delicious. There were desserts for days! It was really hard to restrain myself from just one more cupcake, haha. :)

We got a lot of really cute outfits that I cannot wait to put my baby in. He's going to be just so precious. Oh, and we got some great Detroit teams onsies: Red Wings, Lions, and Tigers! Can't wait to get a photo of Mike watching the game with the baby, both of them in their sports team shirts. So cute!

Mike's Aunt & Uncle got us a video monitor! I am so so excited about that. It came in the mail and I've already set it up and played around with it. I can see myself staring at that screen for ages once Charlemange gets here. 

We also received lots of Aveeno, some blankets, breastfeeding supplies, books, and a couple of gift cards. I was so grateful for everyone's generosity. I felt so loved! 

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