Fall Cara Box reveal {"Fall" in Love with the Season}

Like I've said before, I just love Cara Box! It's so nice to get to know other lovely bloggers and I just love making care packages. My two lovely partners for this round were Stephanie and Tracie. I sent Stephanie a Cara Box and Tracie sent me this one!

So, I had big plans for taking great photos of the amazing Cara Box that Tracie sent me, but I've been neck deep in my new obsession (project life!) and Bella and I have devoured the box by now, so....

Onto the contents of this seriously incredible box.

1. A pair of earrings. Love these! They're gold & silver and I actually really like to mix my metals. And I really really love me some earrings. :)

2. Fleece lined tights. Um, hello. Black tights? Pregnant lady? Match made in heaven. LOVE that they are fleece lined because it's getting colder here, y'all!

3. Cinnamon bun candle. Love. I've been burning this constantly. This is the first year that I've burned fall-scented candles and I just love it. And Mike likes coming home to a clean house with a scented candle burning. Who wouldn't?

4. Peanut butter & jelly trail mix. Are you following me around, Tracie? Did you know that I was eyeing the different yummy looking Archer's Farm trail mixes right before I received this box? Yes, this was eaten the same day I received the box. And it was delicious.

5. Maybelline Color Show nail polish in Coral Glow. I think we all know that coral has been one of my "it" colors this year. I have one other coral nail polish and it's got kind of a satin finish. This one is a perfect opposite because it's glossy and has a gold shimmer to it. Soo pretty!

6. Caramello candy bar. I also have never had a Caramello before, not sure why because caramel + chocolate = love. I carried the candy bar around in my purse for a few days before splurging. Oh. my. gosh. This is sooooo yummy! I want another. ;) Also, fun fact: I have been known to refer to Carmelo Anthony as Caramello.

7. Que Bella balancing ylang ylang mask. You know, I've never paid these Que Bella masks much though (I always see them at Target) until the last Cara Box when I included one in my box to Megan. Ever since then, I've wanted to try one but just have yet to actually get one. Mission accomplished. Cannot wait to try it. I'm going to wait until the tub is fixed so I can have a mini-spa night. :)

8. Boots & Barkley rope toy. Bella love love loves these kind of toys. She loves to play tug o' war and she loves to whip her head around and "kill" the toy. And then roll over on it over and over again. Loves. And I love it too because it's hilarious. She was so excited when she saw this, she actually tripped on her way over to get it. What can I say? She's just like me! (As in a clumsy spaz.)

9. Scarf. Oh, I love scarves. It's fall and fall means you can finally wear scarves without getting all sweaty. And this one is so pretty! :) Also, I'm actually hoping to utilize scarves in a drapey breastfeeding cover kind of way. Double win.
10. Fleece blanket. Super soft navy blanket with Charlemagne's first initial sewn onto the corner. As of right now, Tracie is the only person in the whole world (besides me & Mike) who know that letter. I trusted someone who is practically a stranger with this info and it paid off! The fabric used for the letter actually matches the nursery perfectly! Now, to hide it before the grandmas come a-lookin'. ;)
A sweet note from Tracie rounded out the box. Girl rocked out this box and this momma-to-be is feeling spoiled.


Tracie Everyday said…
I am so glad that you liked everything and trusted me with Charlemagne's name! I had so much fun picking up little treats for you guys :) I was totally jealous of the fleece lined tights, so went back and got myself a pair too! They are amazing!
WOW! What a fun package to open :) This was my first time participating in the Cara Box exchange and I have to say, I'm hooked! ...I think I'm going to have to go find some of those fleece lined tights for myself!!
Tiffany Khyla said…
What a great box! I just LOVE Cara Box! This is my third time doing it, and all of the experiences I've had thus far have been really awesome. Love the scarf and the Carmello! Yum!
I love that your buddy sent you a toy for your dog! How precious! :)

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