32 weeks!

32 weeks and just like that we have less than 2 months left to go. :)
  • Still rockin' a select few non-maternity clothes. Like everything above the waist in these photos. Because this is a "boyfriend" cardigan, I could even button it up with out pulling if I wanted to. That smells like success to me!
  • A few days ago, a lady working at TJ Maxx made me feel miserable. First, she said something about me and a watermelon. I didn't hear quite what she said, didn't really care, so I just smiled and nodded. Then, she asked when I was due. "January," I told her. She made this awful face and then said with a pained look, "And there's only one in there?" Haha, lady. You're being so kind! I just smiled again and said, "Yep. Only one." The really annoying thing is that she just wouldn't stop. And I couldn't get away because I was waiting in line and she was manning the line. She basically said I was huge several times in several different ways. I was polite, but so so so annoyed. I wanted to say, "So, do you call all the customers fat? Or is it just the pregnant ones?" But, you know, I was nice and polite. However, I have since decided that the next person who makes a comment about my shape isn't getting a smile or a polite laugh. Nope. I'm done encouraging such terrible behavior.
  • Charlemagne is definitely getting bigger and encroaching on my internal organ space. This is evidenced by the heartburn and shortness of breath. Annoying, but nothing I can't deal with.
  • Also, he occasionally pushes into my ribs. Not fun! No more slouching for this momma!
  • Mike and I are pretty sure that Charlemagne is going to be a spaz just like his mommy (and Bella, for that matter). I'm so used to his crazy movements and, sometimes, when Mike's hand is on my belly, he goes, "Woah!" and it just makes me laugh. Our little babe is ca-razy.
  • My iron levels are back up to a good range. Yay! I even stopped taking my iron pills a few days before my appointment. I guess all those burgers I had been craving for a little while helped!
  • I've started wearing my BLANQI to bed. I just feel like my belly gets in my way (imagine that) and my BLANQI really helps. 
  • I only have 8 more days of work. That's kind of crazy to think about. I actually have five weeks, but I only work two days a week and they're gone one week. We're definitely approaching the end of an era.
  • Speaking of five weeks, I have only five weeks until I'm full term. Whaaaa?
Cynthia Rowley infinity scarf // Ann Klein belt // Forever 21 cardigan // Mossimo long & lean tank // LOFT maternity skinnies


You always post the most adorable pictures! I'm so impressed. Loving the outfit!

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