31 weeks!

31 weeks down, [approximately] 9 to go!
  • Mike and I, along with his sister Kristy, flew up to MI very very early Thursday morning. Main objective was out baby shower, but we also got to spend time with family which was equally important. Kristy took these photo Sunday before we flew out. As a kid, Mike helped his father plant a lot of trees around the yard. This apple tree is one of them.
  • Wednesday was the seven month mark. We just keep getting closer and closer to meeting our son! :)
  • On the way to MI, we had a layover in Chicago. I was sitting alone in the food court (Mike & Kristy had gone to a book store to look around) and Redditing. I came across a thread so funny that I couldn't stop laughing out loud. I almost started crying, seriously! All I could think about it how I must've looked like a crazy pregnant lady. LOL
  • The truth is: I absolutely hate how I look in these photos! It's the result of several days of eating junk and not wearing makeup. Also, I think being pregnant has finally caught up with my face. :(
  • However, I feel fabulous. I've got plenty of energy and I'm sleeping well. Still have pubic bone pain, but I know it's for a good reason, so I can't complain!
  • Caved and bought some cold-weather maternity clothes. Two long sleeved t-shirts and a couple of sweaters. Got a good deal, though, thanks to coupons and price matching. (The shirt I'm wearing in these photos? Retail price $19.95. I paid $6.40.)
  • We our first baby shower! It was kind of awkward opening presents with everyone staring at us, but I got over than when I started pulling out all the cute things! I'll post about the shower tomorrow. :)
  • According to TheBump.com, Charlemagne is about 15.2 to 16.7 inches long and weighs about 2.5 to 3.8. Of course, those are the exact same measurements they gave me last week?


I think the pictures are wonderful! Can't wait to hear the details on the shower :-)

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