Family vay-cay to Lake Lure

They say the best camera is the one you have with you. And while I did take a DSLR with me on our trip, I didn't feel like carting it around most of the time. But I made sure to document the time with my phone. :)

If you don't know, I "collect" XING signs!

Mike and I hung out with my parents on Friday. We had a late breakfast, drove around for a bit, and then collected Bella from the cabin to go explore Chimney Rock Village. My favorite part about that little town? The river walk just behind the shops of the main street. :) 

Leo, Mary, and Kevin arrived Friday night. Saturday, we all had another lazy morning. Around lunchtime, we all headed out to the lake (right in our backyard!) for some fishing, boating, and lounging.

It was such a gorgeous day!

Later that day, everyone (except me and mom) went zip lining. I was super jealous and I cannot wait until the opportunity arises when I'm not pregnant. :)

The rest of the trip consisted of games (board, tablet and vintage video), playing pool, eating a lot of chips, and basically hanging out and chilling as a family.

Oh and a lovely campfire, Kevin playing the guitar, and all of us trying to remember the words to "American Pie." :)


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