29 weeks!

29 weeks down! Somewhere between 8 and 13 weeks left to go!
  • Still feeling fabulous!
  • After too much time on my feet, I definitely develop a waddle swagger. But I'm pretty sure I walk normally most of the time!
  • Shot my last wedding of the year this past Saturday. I was second shooting for a fabulous local photographer and it was a wonderfully casual backyard wedding with the yummiest selection of cakes! Bonus: did not feel like dying after the wedding was over.
  • I was getting burger buns from the bakery at Publix when the sweetest woman (with the most adorable toddler) told me, "Oh my gosh! You're so cute! I couldn't even tell you were pregnant from behind!" Made. My. Day.
  • Speaking of burger buns, this week has been the week of the cheeseburger! I ate a cheeseburger at FIVE different meals last week. Guess my body was trying to build up it's protein and iron!
  • I'm sure it's the pregnancy helping me out here, but I really am embracing my natural hair and skin. My face has only moisturizer and my hair was air dried with no product!
  • Bought fabric for nursery curtains last week! This is the fabric that I chose. I that it ties nicely in with the colors of this. (That one isn't mine, but I have an identical one and Mike and I kind of consider it to be the "centerpiece" of the nursery.)
  • I've started doing kick counts sporadically throughout the day and, my gosh is this boy active! 
  • Charlemagne is about 15.2-16.7 inches and weight approximately 2.5-3.8 pounds.

Top from NY & Co \\ Scarf from Target \\ LOFT Maternity Modern Skinny Jeans \\ Steve Madden boots 
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