Monday, September 9, 2013

Babymooning on Hilton Head Island {day 1}

I hope you're ready to be inundated with even more photos. I took a TON of photos on our little Babymoon (maybe I was self-consciously making up for my lack of picture-taking at Twinfest 2013).

Let me start by saying, Mike and I timed this vacation perfectly. We left the day after Labor Day and stayed for three nights. We had a long weekend, a nice vacation, and a full weekend once we got back home. Ideal.

We had a super lazy Tuesday morning and left for vacay around lunch. First stop was to drop Bella off at the vet. She had never been boarded before, but everything was great. We also had to make a pit-stop for a frozen treat. We usually get McDonald's ice cream cones, but, like I said in my bumpdate, I'm avoiding soft-serve. Hardee's hand-scooped milkshakes were AMAZING!

We turned off the main road toward the Westin, and suddenly everything was oak trees, spanish moss, and romantic.

I had planned on asking for an upgrade. We were upgraded from a Resort View room (views of the woods or parking lot, apparently) to a Ocean/Pool View room. I didn't even have to ask! So, that was very nice of them. :)

Mike checked out the bed and the cable, while I checked out the balcony and view. :)

Fabulous! I kind of reminded me of the resort we stayed at in Mexico. Pools and palm trees everywhere! You can't see the beach at all, but I didn't mind so much. 

That night, at a friend's recommendation, we went to Roastfish & Cornbread for dinner.

We're big meal sharers when we go on vacation. What are we going to do? Take half your fish back to the hotel with you? We split the flounder and an order of sweet potato fries. The fish was really delicious! I had said that I wanted dessert, but the sweet potato cornbread tasted like cake, so I didn't need any dessert. 

I am passing on the recommendation. Next time you find yourself in Hilton Head, go there! Get the flounder!


Stargirl said...

Were you very near the beach? That place looks awesome. Now that we're both accruing a few weeks of vacay a year, Kevin and I are thinking about taking a vacation. The only one we've done that wasn't to visit family was to DC and that turned out to be exhausting.

Tiffany Anne Kuechenmeister said...

We were right on the beach, it was fabulous and I highly reccomend it.


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