Babymooning it at the beach {day 3 & day 4}

Less photos of the food today and more photos of the beach. We really only went on the beach for a little bit. We went for a walk on the beach on Thursday because, well, we went to the beach, we have to at least get our toes in the water. On Friday, I went to take photos at sunrise and made sure we hopped out to the beach to take a photo of the two of us before we departed.

And I mean, like, right before we departed. We were showered and packed and everything. We went down to the beach, took a few photos before my camera died, and then gathered our stuff and checked out.

All in all, one of our best vacations ever. 


Stargirl said…
My friends said "What's a babymoon?" and I said "It's another excuse for my sister to go to the beach."

(Not that I'm super jealous or anything... Nope)

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