Babymooning and eating {day 2}

We did not eat healthy on vacation. Nope. Not one little bit. Buttermilk pancakes with tiny jars of syrup, black angus burgers (and fries!), oven baked oysters with smoked bacon, spinach and béarnaise, hush puppies that tasted like cake, and fried calamari. Ended the day with a Starbuck's hot chocolate.

When I wasn't eating, I was reading the "Eat" section of "Eat Pray Love." So, you know, lots of eating and thinking about eating.


the food looks so wonderful here! i am so obsessed with onion rings. i love the shot of the canoe!

lindsey louise
Thanks! The food was delish. :)
Stargirl said…
Mmmmm! Those oysters look AMAZING!
Charity said…
Beautiful. I hope you all had an awesome time. Eat Pray Love is my favorite book. My entire blog is based on it.
How cool! Yes, I LOVED Eat Pray Love. After I finished, I told Mike that I couldn't wait to read it again!