26 weeks--6 months!

Can you believe I'm six months pregnant?
  • Still feeling great! If I slouch too much or spend too much time on my feet, some part of my back will be in pain, but it's generally nothing big (except for after a wedding!)
  • Mike and I have been taking a Bradley childbirth class and I'm loving it. Chances of me getting him to read "Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way" are probably slim, so I'm really glad we can be attending this class together.
  • My parents still don't like photos of me holding my belly. Bet they'd hate coming over to my house when I hang out with my shirt up so I can just watch my belly move.
  • Speaking of which, watching Charlemagne move under my belly is the WEIRDEST THING. It's like something out of Aliens. I would guess. I've never seen that movie because aliens are super scary.
  • Charlemagne is still kicking up a storm. Stargirl got to feel him kick over the weekend...much to her chagrin. (In case anyone reads that below and thinks my sister was being hurtful, she wasn't. We were both laughing the whole time.)
    • ::Grabs Stargirl's hand and puts in on my belly::
    • What are you doing?
    • I want you to feel the Charlemagne. He's kicking.
    • ::Leans as far away as possible:: What happened?? You used to not want anyone to touch your belly. You used to be normal!
    • There, did you feel it?
    • No.
    • What about that?
    • No! I just feel you laughing!
    • Repeat x10
    • ::next day:: Just kidding! I felt him kick. I was just messing with you.
  • Charlemagne probably weighs about 1.5 to 2.2 lbs and measures 13.6 to 14.8 inches.
  • I find that I have "little belly" days and "fat belly" days. Kind of like good hair and bad hair days. Somedays, I look in the mirror and I'm all, "Ugh. I'm ginormous." Sometimes, I look in the mirror and I think, "Oooh! I've got a cute belly today."
  • Mike loves to feel Charlemagne move. I forget if I said that last week, but if I did, it bears repeating. Because you know what he said the other night? "It's like family time." Cue the swooning!
  • More about Mike, he is Mister Amazing. I know that some of that is the oxytocin talking, you should hear how much I swoon over this guy. He's just been very sweet with the foot/neck rubs, the "let me get that for yous" and such. 
  • I just love love love being pregnant and I cannot wait to meet our little guy!
Noonday Collection necklace \\ Target long & lean tank top (I could just live in these. I have five and I need more) \\ LOFT maternity jeans \\ White Mountain beaded sandals


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