25 weeks

Holy moly! Twenty-five weeks already?
  • This means we are 5/8ths of the way there.
  • Mike and I have got somewhere between 12 and 17 weeks left until we get to meet Charlemagne. Isn't that crazy?
  • Speaking of Charlemagne, I know those of you who come just for the photos and don't read any of the text. Because you ask me if Charlemagne is really what I'm going to name my baby. ;)
  • I had a great prenatal appointment last week. I really liked my doctor and he even wrote "Charlemagne" down as the baby's name. He called him my "little leader" and said he could make no promises about the rest of the doctors pronouncing his name correctly. Haha!
  • I feel the baby move all the time and it's still super cool. I also like watching for movement. Sometimes, if I feel a particularly prominent movement, I'll stop what I'm doing and just stare at my belly waiting to see it move again.
  • One of my favorite things is when Mike and I are in bed and I mention that the baby is moving. Mike will scooch over and put a hand on my belly to feel Charlemagne thrash around in there. Mike really loves feeling him move and I love that Mike loves it. :)
  • Charlemagne is now 13.6 inches to 14.8 inches and weighs about 1.5 to 2.5 pounds.
  • He now knows which way is up and down. Which makes me feel kind of bad that he'll be spending so much time upside down (if he's a good boy!)
  • After Saturday's wedding, I had the WORST pain in my butt. It's not sciatica because it doesn't radiate down my leg. I'm not sure if it's tailbone pain because it's to the right of the tailbone. Whatever it is, I was very miserable for a little while.
  • Also, it rained like cats and dogs on Saturday. When I came home from my wedding, I was cold and soaking wet and grumpy. A nice warm shower helped a little. But when Mike got home (he had been at a friend's), he told me to get the massage oils so he could rub my feet for me. BEST HUSBAND EVER.
  • I've was pretty good about exercising last week. Went for a walk a few times and also hit up the yoga class. I need to be better about my squatting, kegels, and pelvic rocking though. 
  • Sleep can be hit or miss, and photographing weddings is hard on my body. But other than that, I'm still really enjoying everything. :)


Stargirl said…
SO WEIRD. I'm probably the only person who comments on your blog who thinks this is weird. Everyone else probably thinks it's magical. Well, science is magical, so I guess they're right.

Anyway, I've decided that the first thing I'm going to teach Charlemagne (and props to your doc btw) is to fist bump. Once Charlemagne learns how to fist bump, we'll can hang.
Nah, it is totally weird. I want you to feel the baby move this weekend. REALLY WEIRD. And I love it. Charlemagne will be born fist bumping!