23 weeks!

Guess who made it to 23 weeks?
  • And just like that, we are one week away from viability!
  • My week was basically wonderful. Labor Day cookout at the neighbor's house followed by three nights at the beach. We returned home just in time for the weekend. Ahhh, that's the way to vacation.
  • Our last day at the beach, I really wanted to watch the sunrise. I was just going to photograph the gorgeous sun itself, which I did, but upon waking up, I decided to take a few self-portraits as well. I think I'm not smiling in these photos because I was very self-conscious about taking self-portraits on the beach at sunrise. There were more people out than you might think!
  • My brother joked that I'm doing every Pinterst-y thing there is about pregnancy. Weekly belly photos, gender reveal party, babymoon, etc. While I didn't find out about any of this stuff via Pinterest (just bloggers in general, I think), I am totally milking this for all it's worth. I've known for a while that if I ever got pregnant, I'd be doing these things.
  • Babymoon is kind of a dumb word, but it's a brilliant thing to do. This was our last vacation together before the baby and it was fantastic.
  • I'm pretty diligent about the no soft-serve thing while pregnant, and was very happy to learn that Hardee's/Carl's Jr serves hand-scooped milk shakes! Mike got chocolate and I got strawberry. Neither of us wanted to share with the other because they were so yummy.
  • Charlemagne is getting bigger and moving a lot. He goes through stretches of moving and not moving because he's taking naps. He's getting stronger, though, and I've had fun on the occasion that I can actually watch my belly move. Mike and I think it looks so funny!
  • Remember how I said that I wanted to exercise more? Well, I started on vacation. Mike has been doing cross-fit and he packed workout clothes so he could make use of the hotel gym. I decided to do so as well. Nothing crazy. I walked about 2 miles each on Wednesday & Thursday and did some weights. When we got home on Friday, I went out to the park and walked maybe 1.5 miles. I've been dreading walking outside, but the weather was perfect!
  • I know lots of pregnant ladies work out way harder than just walking and yoga, but after our 13 week scare, both Mike and I decided that we would both feel better if I took it easy.
  • Charlemagne is the size of a grapefruit!

Yes, these photos have the tell-tale haze of photographing at the beach without waiting for your camera to adjust. I took others after my camera warmed up, but I totally blew them out and they don't look very good. So you get these. :)


Stargirl said…
I did not know Hardee's had handscooped milkshakes. This changed EVERYTHING.

I agree that babymoon is a dumb word but don't think I wasn't 100% jelly that you were at the beach.
We TOTALLY need to save up to go to the place Mike & I went. It was AMAZING.

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