Monday, September 2, 2013

22 weeks!

22 weeks pregnant!
  • I meant to get this post up on Saturday, but I had a wedding and I came home tired. Sunday, I just plum forgot. Today, after all the Labor Day festivities, I was freshly showered hanging out on the couch while Mike played video games. It then occurred to me that I still had yet to do my weekly bumpdate!
  • Today, you get just a belly photo. Because my hair is wet and I'm not wearing any makeup and the lighting is unflattering, and I had already changed into my comfy lounging clothes.
  • The highlight of my week was modeling for my fellow Shutterbuds. Sure, I got chigger bites on my boobs, butt, back and bikini line, but the photos are gorgeous!
  • My parents said they didn't like how much I held my belly in the photos. I was like, "If I didn't, you wouldn't be able to tell I was pregnant!" My dad was like, "So?" "Um...I was modeling for *maternity* photos!" But of course, it's a different generation and they think its kinda weird when pregnant ladies wear form fitting clothing.
  • I have been SO lax in the workout department. I'm chock full of excuses. Someone hold me accountable and next time you see me, ask me if I've had any exercise!
  • I've officially passed the 5-month mark and I can't believe how fast the time is flying! Charlemagne will be here before we know it!
  • I'm still wearing a mix of maternity and non-maternity clothes. I've got some super cute maternity tops that a friend has lent me, but they're more like third trimester things. I definitely prefer my own tops for now.
  • Speaking of clothes, we're babymooning it up at the beach soon. I didn't want to buy a whole new maternity bathing suit because that seemed like a total waste of money. One of the bikinis that I bought for my honeymoon, I never really loved. Turns out, it looks WAY better on me when I'm pregnant! Fancy that!
  • The belly button is officially flat!
  • When I am huddled on the couch reading (just finished Dan Brown's Inferno), I rest my arms on my belly. Charlemagne likes to kick at my arms and I love to feel him.
  • Charlemagne is the size of a papaya or a spaghetti squash!
Oh yeah, and I started a Facebook page for my blog. Not sure why, but all the kids are doing it. I decided to give it a go. Like me?


Stargirl said...

Did you like Inferno? I really enjoyed his other books.

Tiffany Anne Kuechenmeister said...

I really enjoyed it, but not nearly as much as Angels & Demons or even DaVinci Code. I wanna check out Lost Symbol & Digital Fortress, too.


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