Twinfest 2013: Amelia Island vacation with a terrier mutt

A few days months ago (sorry, this post has been sitting in my drafts for ages), +Mary, Bella, and I returned from Twinfest 2013.
Yep, Bella got to join us for Twinfest this time around! We noticed last time that Amelia Island/Fernandina Beach was a very pet friendly place, so we decided to bring along my pup. We also shortened the trip from three nights to two nights. 
I brought two nice cameras (my 1V and 60D) to document the trip and guess how many photos I took with those cameras? ZERO. Oh well! Mary and I took a lot of photos with our phones to document the event.
I'm SO glad we returned to Amelia Island. It's such a fabulous place for a getaway and I'm pretty sure its my #1 favorite beach town and I really cannot wait to return.
Driving from Greenville to Amelia Island is booooring. But Bella was happy to spend her time covering Mary's car in dog hair.

A walk on the beach is an immediate must-do. Event my I-HATE-WATER puppy got used to the idea.

A quick moment to clean ourselves up and then we headed out for dinner right on the beach. No photos, but eating with our toes in the sand and listening to the waves was pretty fun. :)

Bella's morning bed head. Love it!

Back to the beach, of course. What else?

Just us girls! Mary and I sporting our new caps that we had to get since we both forgot our beach hats. The ones we bought at last year's Twinfest. I have since lost mine new white cap. BOO.

Bella's favorite spot to sit while on the beach.

Laying out all day is exhausting!

Dinner at Tasty's. We forgot that the restaurant options in downtown Fernandina on a Sunday night were not so plentiful (dog or no dog). This was one of the few places we could go with our puppy. And we were both so glad. See those fries Mary has? They were sweet potato fries covered in a buttery, brown sugar sauce. AMAZING.

Me & Bella after dinner. I'm nine weeks pregnant here!

Instagramming downtown Fernandina like a good tourist.

Post-dinner walk on the Marina.

Monday morning! We had ice cream from Fantastic Fudge for breakfast. Haha. Because why not? Last year, we had ice cream for dinner one evening. :) While sitting on the sidewalk enjoying our ice cream, this guy rode by on this crazy bike a few times. I just had to take a pic!

And now we're headed home. Positively pooped. No fights. No flat tires. A wholly success of a trip. :)


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