Thankful Thursdays

Other things for which I'm thankful, but wasn't able to grab a photo:
  • Finding a $10 maxi dress that I can belt over the belly (which makes me feel like I have a waist).
  • The nurse who overheard that I hadn't been to the doctor at 13 weeks and took me to hear the baby's heartbeat. (My appointment had just been a basic, let's talk and make sure we're on the same page kind of appointment.) THANK YOU.
  • A wonderful evening spent with many talented photographers.
  • Getting an almost $50 check from eBates. Yay!
  • Laying in bed and being all lovely-dovey with Mike this morning. Because today is our 4th anniversary and he's amazing and I love him and I am so grateful for him! He's the best husband and I feel so blessed.


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