So Much Pretty: The Hippie Vibe

maternity style in nonmaternity clothes
xhilaration dress [borrowing] // belt from Target // Merona brown tights from // Mossimo Kylin ankle boot
I didn't realize quite how much I was Targeting it up until I wore this dress. (Even my undies are from Target!) What can I say? I really love that store.

This is one of the dresses that my very sweet sister has lent me. I wasn't even sure I'd like it when she came in toting TWO of these (the other is in pink), but I added a belt and some booties and I was in LOVE.

I kind of feel like I'm rocking the hippie vibe just a little. Not my usual thing, but I'm a fan today! The skirt is a little shorter on me than I'd like, so I was happy it was cool enough to pair it with tights.

Also, can I just say that I can't believe I've already worn long sleeves, tights, and boots! It's only August. However, we had a few days of record-breaking cool temperatures. Just like I find myself dreaming of summer in early spring, I cannot wait for fall. This cool weather has been positively lovely, but it'll be back in the upper '80s by the end of the week. 

Oh, and take photo #2 as a lesson in posing. Chin down is good.

We are having our ultrasound this morning and we are so excited!! We won't be finding out the gender until the reveal party on Sunday, but any guesses?

I think Baby K is a... free polls 


Stargirl said…
Yay so cute! Love that you've broken out the boots. THE BOOTS. The boots to end all boots. Mine have been staring at me, longingly. I wore them often with that dress and black tights, too.
THE BOOTS is correct. CANNOT wait to wear them again <3 <3
Anonymous said…
Can we find out before your "reveal party" on Sunday? We promise not to tell anyone...well, maybe Jennifer! Colleen~
Haha, you could find out...but the only way to do so would be to call the doctor's office or the bakery! Mike and I are in the dark too! I've ordered a cake that will be all white on the outside and pink or blue on the inside. When we cut the cake, we'll know if it's a boy or a girl! :) I do have a sealed envelope with the revealing ultrasound photos, but I won't open that until the party either. Be sure to give Mike a call Sunday night to find out the results :) :)