Romantic maternity portraits

I never really thought I'd have maternity portraits done, but I had this idea brewing. One day, when I was chatting with my dear friend Amanda, I casually mentioned my idea. It involved things like a floral crown and a flowy dress. I think her response was something like "OMGYES!" 

We agreed to start looking for a good flowy dress for the shoot and we'd go from there. By some miracle, I found this dress--a dress I had been hoping to find for ages--that same afternoon. We planned the shoot for five days later and we invited the rest of the Shutterbuds.

I know women rarely do maternity portraits this early in their pregnancy (21w3d), but with the flowy dress and some belly huggin', I think they turned out quite nicely.

One of the neat things about playing model to so many photographers is that you have photos that were taken at the same time from different angles. It's neat to see how different people can see the same thing differently.

But, of all the photos, the next two photos are my very favorites. :)

Makeup artist: Amanda of Amanda Roeben Artistry
Hair stylist: Yesi of Mattie R Makeup Artistry
Floral crown: I managed to make the floral crown with using supplies from Michael's and fresh flowers from Fresh Market and Publix. It was easier and turned out better than I imagined!
Dress: another Ross find!
Location: my parents' house
Check out the amazing photographers who were featured:
Amanda of Amanda Roeben Artistry: website & facebook
Brandy of BNicole Photography: website & facebook
Ginia of Ginia Worrell Photography: website & facebook
Hannah of Hanna Reed Photography: website & facebook
Jada of Jada Shin Photography: website & facebook
Stephanie of Images By Stephanie: website & facebook
Tawyna of Pixel Me This Photography: website & facebook
Oh yeah, and I started a Facebook page for my blog. Not sure why, but all the kids are doing it. I decided to give it a go. Like me?


This post is so awesome and I want to THANK YOU for setting this shoot up and allowing us to participate! I'll always be grateful for your willingness to share this experience! Sincerely, Stephanie Finley
Aww, thanks Stephanie! I'm so glad we had such a wonderful group of women out there! It was so great to meet you! :)
Carrie Land said…
These pictures are so beautiful!
Stargirl said…
So pretty! But I think you look confused in this pic:

I like the B Nicole pic best. Lovely contrast.
I guess I do look kinda confused. Or it could be my sexy face. Hard to tell.

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