Blue or Pink? Our Gender Reveal Party!

We had our Gender Reveal party this afternoon with a few of our nearest and dearest. I know, everyone is beating down the wall of my Facebook page waiting, so keep scrolling. I'm not going to add a lot of captions because I think the story unfolds for itself through the photos. :)

It's a boy! We are so excited! And here is our little secret. At our 13 week ultrasound, we had the tech make her best guess. She guessed boy and showed us shadows of boy parts. We kind of stuck with that and have been certain ever since that it would be a boy.

Oh, and guess what I just found out! Apparently, Mike saw it on the ultrasound tech's monitor at our anatomy scan! He looked away from the screen and ended up looking at her monitor by mistake. She didn't waste anytime getting down to business, so he couldn't help but see. He does a good job keeping a secret!

Thanks to everyone who joined us today. And thanks for everyone who was there in their hearts. We are so thrilled and blessed to be having a little boy!

Thanks to Jade for the photos of me with Leo and me with Mom. Thanks to Leo for the photos of Mike and I cutting the cake! :)


ZoĆ« said…

Clover showed her girly parts right at the beginning of our 20-week scan, so I could not have been surprised even if I had wanted to. I knew it before the tech even said anything.

Yayy babies!
Haha, cute! And by the way, Clover is the CUTEST name ever :)
Megan said…
Congrats!! How exciting for you both - and I love the pictures of the reveal party!
Thanks Megan! We're very excited :)
Stargirl said…
Did... did you dog vote?
Yes! James, a little kid that lives in our neighborhood, and I held out a blue circle and a pink circle to Bella. She chose pink both times we tried! I knew she'd vote pink, though, because she's so girlie!
Erin said…
Awww, yay!!! Congratulations! Boys are fun, and they sure do love their mommy's! :) Looks like a fun party!
Thanks! We're so excited. It was the perfect party. Just our closest family & friends :)
Ravyn said…
This is so much fun!!! Love the photos, and that cake & bunting were ADORABLE!! If we weren't team green, we would totally do a gender reveal like this. So great.
Thank you! We had so much fun. :) The bakery thought I was nuts for wanting a plain cake...and the bunting was less than $2 at Target! I thought I pulled it off okay. ;) Good for you for being Team Green! I don't know that I could do it!!

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