August Cara Box

This was my first month participating in the Cara Box exchange over at Wifessionals and I am SO glad I decided to join. I heard about it ages ago on other blogs, but August was the first exchange I signed up for. I LOVE making and sending care packages and that's kind of what a Cara Box is!

Cara means "beloved friend" and when you sign up for the Cara Box exchange, you get paired with two lovely ladies. One of whom you will send a box, the other who will send you a box. I got paired with Megan at Grad Student Needs A Hobby and Ashley at Splash of Ashley. I had so much fun getting to know these two ladies!

This month's theme was "Seasons of Life." Ashley sent me the most wonderful and thoughtful box! Packed full of things that are perfect for this momma-to-be! I pretty much love everything that was in the box.

Two LUSH bath bombs: French Kiss and Honey Bee! Yeah! I have never tried any product by LUSH as the nearest place to purchase is over 100 miles away. As soon as I pulled these out, I looked at Mike and said, "Baby, you've got to fix the tub!" (It has a slow leak. Boo.) I cannot WAIT to try these!

And check out the really pretty scarf that the LUSH bath bombs came in! Gorgeous AND made out of recycled plastic bottles. How cool is that?

Next up was a Caudalie Divine Oil. Natural oils. Amazing scent. Good reviews. Perfect for my growing belly especially since winter will be here before we know it (i.e. dry skin).

Smith's Rosebud Salve! I have been wanting to give this lip balm a try since I walk past it pretty much every single time I go to Sephora. Have never picked it up, so I'm glad Ashley included it in my box! I don't think I can ever have too many lip balms and I know this a very popular one. Oh, hey, the description says it's also an excellent treatment for diaper rash! Neat!

Oh nom nom nom. I pulled these Justin's Peanut Butter cups out of the box and Mike goes, "Oh look! She included something for me!" Haha, nice try.

I am SO glad that I did the Cara Box Exchange! I had so much fun getting to know both my partners. And I loved putting together a box for Megan. I didn't take any photos, so you'll just have to jump on over to her blog to see what she got. :) Megan is getting married soon, so if you love weddings as much as I do, you wanna keep an eye on her blog!

Up until now, it has been a monthly exchange, but it's moving to a quarterly exchange. The next exchange is in September, and I would highly recommend signing up! This is way better than any makeup subscription box!

Cara Box
Oh yeah, and I started a Facebook page for my blog. Not sure why, but all the kids are doing it. I decided to give it a go. Like me?


Stargirl said…
I think Ashley should've called her blog Splashley but that's just me. Jealous of your bath bombs! I saw a LUSH store when I was in Raleigh but I didn't have time to go in. You'll have to tell me what you think.
Do you remember Ashley who was in Boy Scouts with me? Her Instagram is Splashley, I think. Appropriate since she lives in Hawaii. I'm super excited about these bath bombs. I will be sure to give you the review :)
Megan said…
What a thoughtful box!
I'm so grateful we were partnered for the first round! Thanks for all the kind words and the wonderful box. I finally got my post linked up as well :-)
Me too! Loved getting to know you and making your box. You have a new blog stalker in me!
KElizabeth said…
You got some great things! That caudalie oil is a winner, I love their products!
new follower on your blog, too!
Kallie @ But First, Coffee