An improvement on the healthy banana oat cookies

Have you tried those banana oat cookies yet? I found them last week on Pinterest and was so excited to try them out. I mean, we've got a LOT of oats (understatement of the year) and, recently, we've had a steady stream of bananas that need immediate eating because they're going bad. I had just made banana bread and didn't feel like making more. And these seemed soooo simple!

And they totally are. Two bananas + 1 cup oats + 350º + 15 minutes = healthy, yummy cookies! 

Well, um, no. While these are not terrible, they are definitely not yummy cookies. It tasted exactly like what you think mashed up bananas and rolled oats mixed together would taste like.

So, after a little bit of online research, I decided to try again.

After mashing up the bananas, my first step towards improvement was putting the rolled oats in the food processor. You don't need to do this if you are using instant oats, but it helps if you are using rolled oats. I think because they're thicker or bigger or something? This made a big difference.

Next, I added peanut butter! Yum! I think I ended up putting about three tablespoons of peanut butter? I just scooped until I thought I had enough and then I mixed it all together.

I had a handful of strawberries that were getting a little mushy on the sides. I decided to those might be perfect for cutting up and folding into the mixture.

I scooped the mixture out into twelve mounds. I think most people make sixteen, but I thought those might be too small. These cookies won't spread out and will come out looking almost exactly like they went in. Bake at 350º for 15 minutes.

And voilà. Second time's a charm and the cookies were actually really yummy. I made these cookies on Thursday and they were all finished (mostly by me) by Saturday. They're not as healthy as the two-ingredient base, but they still totally healthy!

The cookies are very moist. Mike said he thought they might be better with a dried fruit because they strawberries don't dry out while baking. But strawberries were what I had on hand, so that's what I used. I think the beauty of these "cookies" is that you can mix in whatever you've got handy. If I use strawberries again, though, I might cook them a little longer.
Some mix-ins suggestions:
agave nectar
vanilla extract
chocolate chips
shredded coconut
dried fruit

Some people have used peaches, pumpkin, or apple sauce instead of bananas. I'm definitely going to be trying a different base. These are officially my favorite cookies due to how darn easy they are!

These cookies MIGHT be gluten free and vegan--is peanut butter vegan? are rolled oats gluten free? Not sure.

If you have made these and have any mix-in suggestions or improvements, please do share in the comments!


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