21 weeks--with ultrasound photos!

Yay! 21 weeks! This has been a wonderfully exciting week for us:
  • Finally had our anatomy scan yesterday! I have a lot of friends who found out the gender much sooner than we were able to. But, surprisingly, I haven't minded the wait.
  • Everything looked great at our scan. It was awesome to see our baby and all it's amazing baby parts. Mike and I were talking afterwards and how this verse had popped in both of our heads:
    • For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother's womb. Psalm 139:13.
  • I'm apparently measuring one week ahead. Not sure what the implications of that are and I didn't really think to ask. From my Googling, though, one week doesn't seem to be a huge deal.
  • Mike felt the baby move for the first time this week! That was super thrilling for me. 
  • I'm off to a wedding in a bit, which is why I'm all gussied up. Grateful, once more, for clothing that has been lent to me. Maternity dresses are still very tent-like on me. This is a Merona dress that Mary lent me. (Thanks Mary!)
  • Baby is now the size of a pomegranate!

And since I know the only reason you came here was for a few ultrasound photos, here they are. I've got a few more and I'll be scanning and sharing those later. These were just taken with my phone, so I'm sorry for the quality. And I'm sorry for the stray dog hair that may or may not be on one of the photos. Oops!

Adorable baby profile pic! My baby is super cute, right? Mike and I think that Charlemagne will have my nose!

This was, by far, our favorite part of the ultrasound. Seeing the four chambers of Charlemagne's heart. This, more than hearing the heartbeat, feeling my baby move, or seeing other ultrasound images, wells up all the feels inside of me. How wonderful and awesome and incredible. I love love love looking at this photo.

Some of you saw this on Instagram. Charlemagne giving us the peace sign! 

Gender reveal tomorrow! We've picked up the cake and everything! What do you think, boy or girl? (All the old wives tales give me a 50/50 chance.)


Megan said…
I love the ultrasound pictures! Seeing the little heart is amazing. How thrilling for both of you!

I'm excited to hear the gender - are you hoping for one in particular?
Thanks! It's so crazy that I'm growing a person in my person! I wouldn't say I'm "hoping" for one or the other...but I think it's a boy. Does that make sense? But if it's a girl....omg the CLOTHES! ;)
Stargirl said…
Glad that several of my dresses are fitting you!
Erin said…
I love this! So many pregnant bloggers out there, I'm trying to find as many as possible to watch their progress and compare it to mine!

So, boy or girl? :)
Glad to find another pregnant blogger! I'm gonna check out your blog, now too!
I'm very grateful for your dresses!
Haha, now I'm feeling silly! I did check out your blog! I just didn't think to stick around long enough to find out you were pregnant. May or may not be stalking your baby posts now... :)

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