20 weeks--halfway there!

We have finally made it to the halfway mark. Yay!
  • I told Mike we were halfway and he started singing Bon Jovi. In fact, he's been doing that every time I mention that we are halfway and it always makes me laugh.
  • Charlemagne has been more active lately and it has been so wonderful. I love feeling him move inside of me!
  • Got to hear Charlemagne heartbeat this week. It was magical. Have yet to cry at hearing the heartbeat or seeing an ultrasound, though. I'm basically in awe that something is growing inside my body. This is crazy stuff!
  • We have our anatomy scan next week! So excited to see our little baby!
  • Somedays, I feel like I am ALWAYS hungry and trying to eat healthy has not always been my status quo. I love junk food...but I also don't want to gain too much weight. No buying Oreos, powdered doughnuts or Doritos for this gal, no matter how tempting they may look. So, I've been making sure I have lots of healthy but yummy snacks to help me avoid temptation. Fruit, low-fat and no sugar added yogurt, cheese sticks, smoothies (bananas, strawberries, orange juice, vanilla soy milk, protein powder) and yummy, healthy Pinterest snacks have been my go to. 
  • Of course, I do splurge. Like when my neighbor pulls up right as I'm checking the mail and says, "I've got hot Krispy Kreme doughnuts! You knoooow you want one!" Like I could say no to that.
  • Dresses are my new obsession. I only have on pair of maternity shorts and haven't found another pair that I love. You can only wear white cut-offs with so many things. Dresses are 100x more comfortable than my regular shorts, so it's been dresses for me!
  • Olivia, a sweet friend with great style, lent me a bunch of maternity clothes. AND +Mary dropped by with a bunch loose and empire waist dresses to borrow. I washed, dried, and went to hang up these clothes. And, um, I'm out of hangers and running out of drawer space. What did you do with the clothes that didn't fit you while you were pregnant? It's definitely a good problem to have and I am so grateful for the generosity of friends.
  • Belting above the belly is my new go-to look. It makes me feel like maybe I have a little bit of a waist. I actually still do, you know, have a bit of a waist. But only on one side because of my scoliosis, haha.
  • Mike and I went out on a hot date right after taking these photos. We were celebrating our 4-year anniversary (8/15). He asked where I wanted to go and I said somewhere that I can dress up. But I wanted to be surprised. He took me to American Grocery Restaurant! Neither of us had been before and everyone who has been loves it. (Thanks for the recommendation, +Leo!) I had the beef tongue and it was incredible! Yes, tongue! Haha. Mike had the pork belly and we shared some Sriracha friend chicken skins. We ended the meal with an amazing blueberry crème (think blueberry crème brûlée) with lavender shortbread.
  • The incredibly gorgeous dress in these photos, by the way, is another hand-me-down gift from my friend Amanda and I just LOVE it.

Necklace from Target [gift from my mom] \\ Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent dress [gift from a friend] \\ Anne Klein belt \\ Banana Republic wedges


Stargirl said…
Did many of the dresses fit?
Yes! I'll be posting one on Friday. The only one I have to give back is because it looked a little to beach-coverup-y for me. Some of the others might be a little short for a pregnant lady, but I just need to wear leggings or cute tights. :)
Stargirl said…
Is the beachy one the black one that ties at the top? Yeah, I always wear that with jeans, I think.
Yep, same one. I can't wait to pair the babydoll one with some cute tights, though. And maybe my combat boots for a little juxtaposition?
Stargirl said…
UGH YES I HATE YOU. Because I don't have those boots, of course.

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