Weekend Snaps

Well, not really weekend. More like Thursday and Friday snaps. But this past weekend felt sooooo long, am I right?

This summer, Mike has been making some of the most delicious litte pizzas. This is one he was making for lunch on the 4th. Homemade dough, a touch of olive oil, basil and cherry tomatoes fresh from the garden, homemade mozzarella (yes, my hubby makes the best mozzarella cheese!), and topped with some freshly grated parmesan. Yum!

As always, when anyone is doing anything, Bella is underfoot. That's just how she rolls.

Last weekend, Mike went to his softball game and it took him longer than I had anticipated to get home. I was sitting at my computer when I heard him come in and I asked if he had run to the store. He walks into the dining room holding a bouquet of flowers. "Yes! Because I thought you might want these." What a sweetie! I was soooo swoony that my husband had brought me flowers just because. I was super bummed that I had to go photograph an event because after that move, I just wanted to hang out with him all night!

This is actually a photo of the flowers a week later! They've held up pretty well, eh? :)

One of the lily buds was hanging off it's stem, so I put it in a bowl of water. A few days later, it bloomed! So pretty!

For our 4th of July celebration, Mary came down from Charlotte and the three of us went up to my parents. It unfortunately rained, but we were able to have dinner on the covered and screened in back deck. It was the least American 4th of July dinner ever and included stir-fry, spring rolls, fried rice! But it was delicious! 

Afterwards, we played Smart Ass. I love that game for two reasons: 1) we don't have to use a board and a bunch of pieces and 2) it's a trivia game. Basically everything my family loves in a game. WIN. 

I think Mary won. No surprise there. Just look at the name of the game!

The next day, Mary and I headed out. We did a little bit of local shopping (Horizon Records & Nyla Beans) and then had lunch at Sully's Steamers. It's a steamed bagel sandwich shop that is owned by a friend of our family. I'll be honest, when I first heard that Robert was opened a bagel shop, I was skeptical. But I LOVE to have lunch at Sully's. It is soooo good and I was happy to take Mary there.

Afterwards, we headed to what is probably our most favorite spot downtown: O-CHA Tea Bar. It's actually been ages since we were here together. When Mary used to live in Greenville, however, we were at O-CHA several times a week. This is actually where Mike and I first met!

After O-Cha we ended our "buy local" theme of the day and visited Anthropologie and then headed to Greenridge to hit up the shops. We just went to Ross because as we were checking out, I looked outside and it was a monsoon outside! We decided to head home. I did buy the cutest baby outfit, though! I couldn't help myself. I'll probably post a photo later to my Instagram.

On Saturday, Mike took me on my first bus trip. He's been saving money by riding his bike and taking the bus. Yesterday was my first trip on the bus and we went out to lunch and did a little shopping. It started raining on our way back and I must say, I much prefer riding the bus in the rain to driving in it.

Sunday, was spent just lolling on the couch with Mike. That was so nice. We spent a good part of our morning sitting on the couch just talking and talking. And then the mood hit me and I cleaned the floors, did some laundry, and then organized my side of the closet and dresser drawers.

Mike also made the yummiest zucchini bread this weekend. I think he made four loaves? It's delicious stuff and I have a little bit every day. :)

After church, I spent the evening did a lot of research for baby stuff. We need so much stuff! People keep saying, "Oh, you don't need everything they say." Which, yes, I know. (Expert nanny here!) But we have nothing! Everything from car seat to curtains! We'll be keeping the baby's room very simple. No nursery theme here! Something tells me that even if I had a fancy nursery s/he wouldn't particularly care. ;)


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