Southern Blog Society SC meet-up

Saturday was the first of what will hopefully be many wonderful quarterly meet-ups of the South Carolina branch of the Southern Blog Society.

We met up a LeGrand Bakery and it was wonderful! I got a chocolate croissant which was delicious. I wish I had taken more photos of all the amazing looking treats they had, but I guess I have a reason to go back! :)

SBS member Michelle {Pink Champagne}, Dixie {RSVP Greenville}, SBS contributor Will {WAC AVE Street Photography}, me!, Andrew {}.

I love a good girls' pic! And these were the sweetest girls. I had so much fun getting to know them over messy, flaky, delicious croissants!

SC SBS members: Michelle, Will & me! There are a few more local SBS members who couldn't make it...too bad! Hopefully next time! :)

It was a good time! We each shared a little bit about ourselves and our blogs. But not in the boring way that I'm making it sound. We didn't go around in a circle, the conversation happened organically, haha. There was chit chat about everything from the crazy SC humidity to posing for photos. And of course, there was lots of bloggy talk. 

There was supposed to be painting at Vino & van Gogh afterwards, but I unfortunately had to take off before Marquin, the owner and fellow SBS member, arrived. 

(I made the lamest excuse: that I had to post things to craigslist. But it was true! We're in the process of cleaning out the baby's room and the big-screen TV, futon, and other misc items have got to go. Anyone in Greenville need a motorcycle helmet or electric guitar?)

Other nearby states have a ton of SBS members, but there are only a handful of SC members. If anyone is interested in learning more about the Southern Blog Society, check it out here.  


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