So Much Pretty: Coral, birds, and daisies

Ambiance Apparel top // Mossimo jeggings // Aeropostale sandals // Kate Spade necklace // no-name beaded necklace // shell cuff from the Philippines // homemade beaded earrings
It's been a while since I wore an outfit that made me think, "Oh, this is a good one, I've got to blog this." But this one did it for me. I really loved this outfit!

Oh, and if you're wondering why I'm looking at the phone in the first photo it's because my phone has an app that turns it into a remote for my camera. WIN. This makes selfies so much easier because all I need is my camera, my tripod, and my phone! I can adjust exposure, focus, etc, all from the phone, so there's no running back and forth. The second photo I wised up and set the camera to a 2-second delay.

The tank I'm wearing is another Ross find, as have been most of my shirts, lately. I fell in love with the pattern and decided to make the shirt work! Coral is also my summer fave.

I actually thought I would hate these jeans while pregnant because they're pretty snug (hello, jeggings!) but I actually really love them. I can leave them unbuttoned and the still hold themselves up, no rubber band or belly band required. I think its the lack of zipper coupled with the stretch of the fabric.

Ignore the messy bits of hair in my face! I just wanted one last photo to showcase my thrift store find (in case you didn't see it on Instagram). This purse is Jason Wu for Target which came out in January 2012. I found it at a local thrift store for $5! (It's the same thrift store where I got this gorgeous leather pencil skirt.) My mom bought it for me, because my mom is fantastic like that, and now I have a new favorite purse.

I don't usually add things up for SMP posts, but I was looking at this outfit and I realized how cheap it is! The top was about $9 from Ross, I'm wearing a $5 navy cardigan underneath, the jeans were on clearance for $5, and the shoes were another Ross find at $14. Everything else was gifted. So that brings the total to about $35. Not bad!