Tuesday, July 2, 2013

So Much Pretty: blue and white all over

Yesterday, Anne Marie came over for a lunch that never happened (details in following blog), and she kindly photographed my outfit so I could finally do another So Much Pretty post.

This is my first time belting over my belly. And, in fact, this is my first time wearing the belt that came with the dress. I usually wear it with a brown belt, but when belting over the belly, the tie belt actually looks cute and not terrible.

I pretty much love this outfit. The dress was a total score from the BN outlet for, like, $15 or $20. I also really love the shoes. I think I found them at Ross, but saw them at all the off-price retailers this spring. I didn't even know Aerosoles made cute shoes!

Kate Spade necklace | Banana Republic dress | Aerosoles sandals

I love my baby bump in this photo. The camera must make it look rounder, because half the time when I walk past a mirror and check myself out, I think that I don't look pregnant, just heavier. Then again, I don't walk around with my hand under my belly, so that might have something to do with it. :)

Happily, Anne Marie made silly faces while I was testing my light and I really just couldn't let these go unused. <3

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